Shelly Caldwell

Owner, Designer & Developer

Web development for everybody!

Hello! My name is Shelly Caldwell and I’m the fearless leader of Toolbox 4 Web (previously Toolbox 4 Healthcare).  I began working in web development in 1999, eight years after graduating from the School of Architecture at University of Oregon. The web was just coming into its own and people were still not sure if they really needed a website – or to simply renew their listing in the Yellow Pages. By the time I finished my first job at Nike, (Y2K anyone?) I was hooked and it looked like the web was here to stay.

After a few years at a digital agency, I launched Toolbox – I am still working with some of those first clients. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done, and the reputation Toolbox has. I think our sucess comes down to a simple truth – when you have a strong work ethic, an honest style of communication and are good at problem solving – people just want to work with you.  

My Team

The people who save the day, on a daily basis.

Milsia Makris

Illustration & Graphic Design
Bend, Oregon

Muhammed Hussain Hingora

PHP, JavaScript & WordPress Expert

Melisha Dogra

Editor & Copy Writer
Portland, Oregon

Project Life Cycle

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure to work with amazing people, doing amazing things.