About Our Agency

Toolbox 4 Healthcare & Web is a unique web design & development company located in Portland, Oregon. Our abilities range from logo & branding to website and digital marketing. We believe strongly in the notion that ‘one size does not fit all’. We work within your needs & budget.

The projects in our portfolio represent our fully custom design work, however we also can customize ‘off-the-shelf themes’ if you have more modest needs or a very fast time-line. We are happy to provide you with a proposal that will outline the our method & costs so that you can compare options and understand the process better.

We have very happy customers, so please visit our testimonials for a list of references. No matter who you choose to work with on your website project, we encourage you to get references!

We consider ourselves a boutique web company that can take on any type of project  – but we have a special love for healthcare and non-profit related websites.

Please visit our portfolio and our client list for samples of our work. We work with a limited number of clients at a given time, and because of this we provide our clients with unparalleled customer service and attention. We manage a project from beginning to end and are available for maintenance and hosting. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss your project, please contact Shelly Caldwell at 503 936-8171 or fill out our contact form.


Our creative process involves exploration, teamwork, a bit of research and analysis, brain storming and yes, copy writing. We’ll ask you lots of questions – the learning curve is high at first – every business is different after all – but it pays off in spades. We’re a curious bunch. We have good ideas and we love what we do!


Web design Whether you need a facelift or a wrecking ball, we are obsessed with improving your image. Your website is often the first ‘face’ your clients or patients see and you only get to make a first impression once!

Blogs & Social Media

We can help you determine if setting up a blog, Facebook or Twitter account is really the right thing for you. Just because it’s the ‘hot new thing’ doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for how you manage your business. We want to make sure you invest your time and money into tools you’ll use for a long time – not just until the next new thing comes along.

UI Programming

We write healthy code – but we’re not hung up on reinventing the wheel, so if you have a good foundation and just need help updating an existing site, we can help. If you want to start from scratch, we’re big fans of open source development tools and our content management system of choice is WordPress. Easy to set up, customize and learn.


We build search engine-friendly websites and with our unique partnership with Engage|Convert we can offer you agency level services at prices that will please your CFO! Let us help you build a more robust online marketing presence.


Good content doesn’t write itself! We’ve been writing healthcare content for over 12 years and we love customizing healthcare related content, as well as engaging marketing language. So if writing isn’t your first love, let us help you communicate in an effective way!

Marketing & PR

Your website is beautiful. Your content is key word rich and engaging. You’re starting to see your traffic increase…now what? We can help you get your digital marketing efforts off the ground.